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How to Rock a Monochromatic Look

Learn some tips about the cool and elegant trend!
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Monochromatic looks seem to have taken over the fashion scene, as more and more people are wearing this trend. Pink, yellow, red, green, white ... If you pay attention, you will soon notice that a lot of people nowadays choose to dress in a single colour from head to toe.

It is no wonder since the monochromatic colour scheme has always been associated with elegance, sophistication, coolness, and, after all, it is extremely easy to put together a cohesive look. So why don’t you try out the trend yourself?

Here are some tips about the trend:


 1) Start with ton sur ton or tone on tone: mix shades of the same colour, such as light pink and pink rose; light blue and navy blue; pistachio green and military green; mustard yellow and bright yellow ... and so on. This is a less intense way of getting used to the trend, but certainly no less effective.


 2) Try out different textures and fabrics, which bring even more sophistication to a look. The more different materials, the cooler the outfit.


 3) Dare to play with strong colours and showcase your creativity and style!


 Get inspired!

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