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How to Stay Fashionable on Rainy Days

Rain won't stop us from being our most stylish selves!
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Fashion brands are already offering us a glimpse of what awaits us next summer, but we have to deal with the cold season first. With fluctuating temperatures, it is challenging to create consistent looks because of all the layers.

How to look stylish even on the coldest and most miserable of days? Find out below!


1. The trend of plastic garments is taking over the streets, bringing lots of fun, but still retaining an exquisite aesthetic.


2. Choose colour! There's nothing better for creating a joyful look than adding fun colours and details to the looks, escaping from sober jackets and casual pieces.




3. Umbrella is no longer just a tool and has become a true accessory. If you prefer something universal, the classic, transparent versions will do the job, but undoubtedly the rainbow models will bring all the fun.



4. A good look has been thought through to the smallest detail, so how about opting for chic patterns that make your outfit look sophisticated and stand out?


5. You can always rely on pastel shades as they bring a touch of colour but maintain an elegant look.

6. When in doubt, wear boots! Our favourite winter footwear is a great choice for those who want to stay fashionable but dry on rainy days. After all, there are many bold and extravagant options on the market!


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