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#HowToStyle: micro handbags

You know for sure the saying 'a little black dress' as a musthave item of every woman. Now there's a new saying – a little micro bag. Let's find out how we can fit it in our style.
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Little handbags hardly fit a woman’s daily life. However, it is light, fancy and easily finds its place in many clothing combinations.


Micro-handcuffs don’t need too much effort to find a place in clothing. They perform the most important and real function of the accessory - they complement the combination. That is why the micro handbag should not be decorated with additional details or colorfully whimsical. It can be monochromatic and simple in structure.


Choose a micro handbag that easily matches a variety of colors. The easiest way to combine neutral (black, gray, body, dark blue) and earth (brownish green, brown, beige) colors. Try to look for one that is not loaded with details, so that it can be easily adapted to different metallic shades and textures of several different materials.

Paradoxically, the micro-handheld, while small and versatile, can make a big difference in combination. Typically, a micro handbag becomes a counterweight to large clothing structures or oversized clothing. And most importantly, it can be adapted to any occasion.

Choose an oversized haircut and the same style of pants. Wear a sleeveless T-shirt under the jacket. This combination will be perfectly complemented by a micro handbag. You can choose a handbag wrapped around your waist or arm. This will become a stylish counterweight to wide clothing and will subtly accentuate the silhouette or part of it. While a simple handbag will fit there, of course.

This micro accessory will also suit you when choosing a wide midi dress. Because this type of dress slightly enhances the silhouette, a small handbag will perfectly counterbalance and visually reduce the shapes of the combination.

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