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Iconic protector from Louis Vuitton

After Burberry, which recently combined its iconic patterns with an antimicrobial mask, Louis Vuitton is launching a luxury face shield.

With the Covid-19, masks became a part of our lives - an accessory which we adapt to our clothes. At Louis Vuitton this new accessory, the ranger's visor is designed with iconic monogram patterns.

The monogram patterns of the LV are placed from the head to the corners of the façade. The face shield, which has an elastic texture and is created with adjustable gold snaps on the sides, also provides protection from the sun. The visor, which can be worn like a hood, can also be turned over the top of the head. The luxury visor is expected to be released on October 30 and to be offered for sale in Louis Vuitton's stores. Will it become one of the stylish parts of our daily life, we'll see in time.


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