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Insta-influencers' choice: vegan leather by LVIR

The Korean brand LVIR has conquered Instagram influencers with ultra chic and minimalist vegan leather pieces.
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Founded in 2017 by Ji Young and her husband Won Seob Lee, the Korean brand LVIR takes inspiration from traditional masculine and professional wardrobes, with their resistant materials and loose cuts, then revisits them in a more distinguished way. The star material? Vegan leather, declined through long coats, shirts, unstructured blazers, Saharan, or even matching sets. All in natural colors, such as brown or camel, reminiscent of Morocco and the freshness of Balinese plants.

The most cutting-edge Instagram influencers have already adopted the brand, which mainly offers a minimalist wardrobe, twisted with bold cuts. We love it for very soft turtlenecks, cocoon materials and neutral colors - beige, black, gray, brown or even off-white - it is without a doubt its vegan leather coats that have conquered the hearts of fashionistas.

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