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Instagram Can't Get Enough of These 2020 Fashion Trends

From sweater vests to layered neutrals, revamp your fall wardrobe with these Instagram-favorite 2020 fashion trends.
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Whether you’re staying inside or occasionally venturing out, dressing up is a way of feeling good—even if you’re just going to the grocery store. This season, get inspired by the 2020 fashion trends that you've surely seen dominating Instagram. From puffy, Victorian-inspired sleeves to layered sweater vests, fashion girls are loving easygoing essentials that add instant style. Meanwhile, sticking to a neutral color palette simplifies fall layering, and warm tones read instantly cozy. To top off your look, leather jackets and teddy bear coats continue to remain fall wardrobe staples as we gravitate towards clothes that maximize comfort. Here, L'OFFICIEL rounds up some of our favorite ways Instagram is styling these top 2020 fashion trends this season.

Victorian Sleeves

Teddy Bear Coats

Layered Neutrals

Sweater Vests 

Easy Suiting

Leather Jacket

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