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Jacqueline Kennedy's intimate letter

Trīs lappušu ar roku rakstīts dokuments, ko bijusī pirmā lēdija deva savam vīram, demonstrē pusi, kuru reti publiski parāda.
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“With All My Love, Jackie”... So was the letter written by Jacqueline Kennedy to her husband which was recovered by curators of the Kennedy Library Foundation. The signature was like the former first lady used to finish her letters.

The recovered document, according to the institute, was written when John F. Kennedy was still a senator and shows intimate information about his marriage, at the time of only five years. There, the usually reserved Jackie opens her heart about thoughts and intimate moments of the couple, already in crisis.

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The excerpts from the curators demonstrate the dissatisfaction of the former president's wife with her constant travels; Jackie's reserved way of admitting to having difficulty communicating with her own husband; his questions about the marriage already struck by John's unfaithfulness; his contemplation and pondering of a separation, at the same time as the feeling that, as was so common at the time, he preferred to keep it in order to save his family; and also moments of happiness and celebration, such as the birth of her first daughter, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, the firstborn born after the loss of some babies.

The recovery of the suffering letter was much celebrated by the Kennedy Institute, which chose not to make it publicly available in a museum, but to keep it in its archives in order to preserve it. In a note, the foundation explained, "This will be kept and protected."

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Below are some key excerpts from the document:

The letter begins with "Dearest Jack" and ends with "With all my love, Jackie"

"You're an atypical husband, increasingly, in one way or another since we got married, so you shouldn't be so surprised to have an atypical wife."

"It's hard for me to express myself, something you do so well."

“I know everyone says couples should never be apart - and you move away often - but I think it's good when we move away and realize so much.”

“We are very different, but I was thinking about this trip, and every time we were away you asked me not to analyze our relationship so much....

“Each of us would be very lonely with normal people. I can't describe how I feel about you, but I'll show you when I'm with you and I believe you already know. ”

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