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Jennifer Lopez's Top 10 Looks on the Red Carpet

While Jennifer Lopez will be honored next June with the coveted Fashion Icon Award, let's go back on her most prominent red carpet looks.
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On June 3, Jennifer Lopez will receive the prestigious "Fashion Icon Award" at the CFDA ceremony, the most coveted award in the fashion world. And finally, one wonders why the singer and actress was not honored earlier. Because it took only one dress for JLo to rise to the rank of fashion icon.

In 2000, during the Grammy Awards , the artist landed on the red carpet dressed in an emerald green Versace dress with a tropical pattern and plunging neckline to the belly button. This risk-taking had made an impression, causing the creation of Google Images. It was enough for the singer to enter the history of the most iconic looks of red capret ... never to leave.

Whether it's dressed in a crop top and low-rise pants with a bandana, or a spectacular mint Valentino dress, worn before by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis herself, Jennifer Lopez has never stopped inspiring fashion and the creators with its sharp style. Our favorite look? The one she wore in 2018 during the premiere of the film Second Chance. The actress had opted for an incredible couture dress shocking pink color designed by Giambattista Valli .


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