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How did Gucci, Balenciaga and Fendi break the rules to revolutionize fashion

Fashion is one of the fastest adapting industries in the world, however, sometimes it causes the storm itself and makes the world overthink the style values.
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In modern fashion, such revolutions have been quite recent. Over the years, industry giants have been able to make reality impossible and frighten the fashion world with bold trends, stylish comfort, and inspiration for the hardest millennium generation.


Today, fashion is no longer a mysterious niche that is only available to a handful of people with exceptional tastes. Now fashion is including everyone and all the time - it has become a necessity for society, which has great impact on rules and conditions that affect our daily life, work and celebration. Everybody now is looking for fashion, from teenagers to seniors, and more and more people are looking for ways to colour their warderobes and everyday life.


The reaction of the creators to the society's growing fascination of fashion has already become a revolution in the industry in the last decade. It is no secret to anyone that the popularity of a fashion house is often determined by the designer standing at the wheel and how quickly it adapts to the revolutions in the society. Gucci , Balenciaga and Fendi are some of the brightest and most popular fashion houses in the world. In history, they will be referred to as the real business chameleons, forming new fashion trends and changing the public's perception of style. These industrial powerhouses have eliminated the boundary between the luxurious and the ordinary in fashion, and it was accomplished by using their main weapon, the aesthetic, which was crafted by clever business ideas. Perhaps the most stylish fashion houses Gucci , Balenciaga and Fendi have really changed fashion?

Gucci Revolution - Fashion Revolution?

In 2015, Gucci went beyond the threshold of fashion rules when the designer Alessandro Michele was chosen to be the new creative director of the house. Until then, the fashion house presented collections that were already good, but were starting to dust. When Thomas Ford left the designer post, Gucci's reputation began to disappear - the brand was no longer as prominent and visible as before - it had become simply "one of many". But with the strange, flamboyant appearance of the extravagant-looking accessories creator, Michele, the brand was revived and broke all the rules that had been in operation so far. The designer began to demolish the fashion house and rebuild it from the foundation - he brought back the famous double G Marmont logo, replaced Gucci's buyer, and realised his approach to fashion goals, receiving a reaction from the fashion world.

"The more, the better" - this is how the new Gucci age can be called. The revived old logo was just the beginning, as Gucci's collections included all of the fantasy colors in the palette and covered the renewed podium. Michele has brought the glamorous style to everyday life - he justified vulgar materials, such as a corduroy, and put colourful painted stickers on luxurious clothes. In addition, he condemned the real fur and brought fake, brightly colored fur to fashion, which boldly decorated the collections. Also, looking at a large number of collections created, it becomes obvious that the accessories developer Michele pays special attention to detail and creates a great whole look - one of the most important features of his collection is that the creator combines incompatible, overly pompous ideas with each other and presents them in a genius way. Often, his collections contain a number of different materials, such as a corduroy with lace, which is complemented by dotted shoes. Such combinations have drew the attention of one of the most important driving forces of the business - the millennium generation. They tend to invest in an unforgettable experiences, vivid memories and unprecedented uniqueness, and these are the values that are essential to Gucci's rebellious elegance.

"The more, the better" - this is how the new GUCCI age can be called.

The millenium generation teached this brand a lesson - they are no longer looking for a luxurious luxury - they want a passion for sensation, expressiveness, and buy clothes to pamper themselves rather than show their social status. That's why the Gucci mess made it perfect for the lost customers' souls.


Balenciaga returns more athletic

The house of Balenciaga has been known since the beginning as an interesting, aesthetic fashion creator. This fashion houses has often stood out - the strength of its collections was the colour gamut and especially expressive haircuts. The brand never missed a chance to attribute to each season's collection its own patterns and embroideries, for example, when a metal-coloured piece appeared in one model, it was shown in some way in another one as well. The fashion house's palette was never in bright colors, however, even in the most elegant collection, the designer found a way to jump out. It is also important to note that fashion houses have always been attentive to trends, but they have provided them with a great style of ego and even an exaggeration of their own fashion house.


The time of change began in 2015, when Balenciaga crossed the threshold of high fashion mixer Georg Demna Gvasalia. The talented designer came to the fashion house with a clear vision that started to turn the wheel of the brand. The vision is a careless slave from a big city whose perception of aesthetics has forgotten elegance and has begun to demand massive forms that reflect the ego of massive styles. The collections began to wriggle from the patterns, the extra details, the layering, and the details of the combination became massive and began to exaggerate the oversized style - the designer made the aesthetic of the fashion house into absolute minimalism. In addition, collections have begun to abandon obvious sexuality and have become extremely athletic - clothes, although intended for men and women, are at first sight suitable for any gender.

The time of change began when the BALENCIAGA threshold was crossed by the high fashion mixer Georg Demna Gvasalia.

This fashion house has undoubtedly become one of the biggest street-style inspirations not only for the stylists, but also for other designers. Balenciaga was inspired by young designers, especially Scandinavian style lovers. In addition, the fashion house has created a number of bizzare trends that will later definitely define the time we live in: the trend-lovers are ridding in the search for sock-style high heels, massive "dad sneakers", footwear that resembles socks, logo-decorated baseball caps and aged handbags. Today, this fashion house is one of  the absolute leaders of modern style and conquers more and more city streets with each collection.

Fendi : From elegance to everyday luxury

Fendi has been known for several decades as a luxurious, vivid brand. The behind the scenes ruler Karl Lagerfeld was responsible for creating women's collections and fur accessories. Obviously, the appearance of fur instantly makes the style of the fashion house seem to be luxurious and expensive-looking.


Although the furs were in bright, rich colors and bold shapes, Fendi was not one of the first choices for the stylists. The fashion house's path to the top of the style began when it turned to the youth and began to meet the needs of the millennium.

FENDI's path to the top of the style began when it turned to the youth and began to meet the needs of the millennium.

Now Fendi has turned its luxurious direction towards street fashion. Of course, there still is a bright palette of colors, furs, luxury materials, special shapes, but they have became looser, acquiring sportswear details. One of their most recent collections with the sportswear manufacturer Fila received special attention. This has brought a stylish and feminine fashion home into a new era - Fendi has entered the street fashion world as a free-lived, bold and self-confident brand that is beginning to dictate fashion trends in luxury streets. They have launched a collection of Monster accessories that have become the absolute best-selling handbags and footwear in the world. In addition to this extravagant series, a unique print of logos appeared in the collection, which broke the sympathy of the bright and bold fashion lovers. A new experience awaits this brand, and the entire fashion industry is waiting for this autumn, when another designer will become the head of the womenswear department.

As the pace of public life changes, the fashion world is not falling behind and can even overtake it. Trends today have become an important part of fashion and dictates how our daily life looks. Every time a new personality emerges in a fashion house, new winds appear in the collections, causing great revolutions in the closets and in the spirit of stylists.

Author of the article: Ugnė Mingėlaitė, L'Officiel Lithuania

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