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How to wear: the midi skirt

Perfect for those who find those short skirts awkward (like on a bike, ahum) but still want to enjoy the elegant look. The midi skirt is the outcome! But how do you wear it?
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It is nice and airy, classy and very on trend . We are talking about the midi skirt, a piece of clothing that has been wandering around the fashion spectrum for many years. A few decades ago this half-length skirt was mainly reserved for prudish housemothers, but nowadays it is embraced by the trendiest fashion lovers. And that is not so strange; You can take it trés chic and easily in the summer and in the fall or winter. Wear a strappy sandal underneath and voila, you're ready for the heat or choose tights and, hoppa, let the cold come.

We choose to combine a silky specimen with a sleek body and slippers this summer. Or go for a casual denim variant and mix and match it with your favorite oversized T-shirt, high heels, or platform sandals.

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