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Karina Nigay - A Way To Influencer

Karina Nigay, a fashion influencer and a coach
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Do you remember the day when you decided to start your social media account? Was it aimed for your private usage, or you planned to blog?

I didn't dream of becoming a blogger, but I felt that I should succeed. My way began on YouTube. I published a video in which I dance, and it gained over one million views in a few days. Unfortunately, it was blocked due to the lack of music copyright, but it inspired me to find myself my own way. Thanks to this experience, I came to fashion and luxury.

How do you manage to be sincere with your audience, and are there spheres of life that you prefer not to show?

I show my work, my holidays, how I spend my weekend with family or friends, but not absolutely everything. Personal should be personal.

How much time takes up your Influencer activity? And how long it takes to create content?

Always in different ways, and it depends on the type of content. I have a great team, and we are on the phone 24/7. We create something in just a couple of hours, or we do something for weeks. But whether it's a promotional post or a dress-up video, we put all our efforts into posting as much as possible.

Do you feel your Internet popularity in real life? Do people recognize you on the streets?

Yes! Although I rarely appear on the streets because I am always busy shooting, my followers recognize me both in Russia and abroad, come up, greet me, ask to take a picture, and often thank me for my content.

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What was the most unusual offer for you made by advertisers?

One of my favorite and unusual projects was with La Perla. I participated in the shooting with my mother. We were in gorgeous nightgowns and silk robes. This shooting was very important for me because I shared it with a woman who inspires me every day from the birth.

Could you please comment on the following statement: the bloggers' credibility has dramatically dropped in recent times since 80% of them have fake followers, and all quality defining programs are very easy cheatable. And it is the reason why a lot of big brands are back to old advertising methods, where the reach is countable.

Unfortunately, some bloggers practice cheating followers, sending fake statistics. In my case, my advertisers choose me for honesty, real statistics after the advertising campaign which they are watching.

What is the most influential social network, in your opinion?

Well, the influential network is Instagram, and the most popular at the moment is, of course, TikTok.

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It is easy to be open. Just think that on the other side of the monitor, there are people just like you - sincere, kind, with their problems, and you are like a breath of air and inspiration for them.

What do you consider the blogger's peak of success?

 As for me, success is about preserving and increasing the love and loyalty of my followers. If we talk about the professional side, then, of course, this is a large number of contacts with the most successful global brands and their recognition of me as an expert in the fashion industry.

How do you learn to be open with a billion audience? How to deal with hate, and is it worth it?

It is easy to be open. Just think that on the other side of the monitor, there are people just like you - sincere, kind, with their problems, and you are like a breath of air and inspiration for them. You can change their life for the better. Well, hate is stimulating to be better and to achieve more. You should not react directly to it, and if you cannot resist, then approach it with humor.

What programs do you use while working on your blog? Can you recommend some tips for bloggers who are beginners?

Videoleap, Facetune, Lightroom. I always have them open and ready. The main thing is to find the topic for your blog in which you want to elaborate. If it doesn't work in one direction, do not stop looking for your own until you see the result, and everything will definitely work out.

What inspires you for posts ideas?

Beauty and travel! I love beautiful interiors, clothes, architecture, people, their attitude to life.

Do you think bloggers are the trendsetters of nowadays? Can they be considered A-list celebrities?

I believe that there are many macro and micro-influencers among bloggers, and yes, we are trendsetters somehow because a large audience follows us. They imitate us and want to look like us.

Do you style your blogger looks by yourself, or do you have a professional stylist?

Fortunately, I am my own stylist. I studied this for a long time and really understood fashion. I can confidently call myself an expert. That is why I have my author's course for those who want to learn how to stylize and understand fashion trends.

Whom are you following? 

Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song.

Which famous blogger would you like to collaborate with?

Chiara Ferragni.

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