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Kim Kardashian Launches Cotton Line for Skims

She is 39 years old, her family has its own reality series, she has her own make-up line (KKW) and even her own emojis. She is called one of the most influential people in the world, and her body is admired by millions of people. What is she doing? Bringing out a shapewear line, of course.
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Kim recently launched a shapewear line with the name Skims, and we have to admit that the Kardashians are marketing geniuses. Skims has been created to give women self-confidence to wear bold clothing, and the line has been very well received so far. In addition to the first shapewear collection, there is now also a new Cotton Line collection.

In her own words, Kim has been a big shapewear fan for many years, which gave her the idea to start a collection herself. The line was initially called Kimono, but the name got a lot of criticism, as many found it disrespectful to Japanese culture. Of course, Kim quickly recovered and named the new business idea Skims.

Unlike many other shapewear brands, Skims comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes (the sizes range from XXS to 4XL). The colour palette of the collection gives us serious Yeezy vibes: the pieces look much prettier than typical shapewear (almost too beautiful to hide under your clothes). The first collection of Skims was immediately sold out and earned Kim K 2 million dollars. Skims has received praise from all sides on social media, as the underwear line truly gives women the confidence they need to wear certain clothes.

For those who don't wear (or need) shapewear, there is now the Cotton Line. The Cotton Line consists of comfy basics, as Kim calls themt-shirts, underwear, leggings, balconette bras, even boxer shorts, and, of course, the beloved cycling shorts. The prices are also affordable, as everything costs between $ 18 and $ 52. Besides, you will have to be fast, because a large part of the collection is already sold out.

Find more information on the Skims website.

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