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Kim Kardashian‘s New Business Is Getting Only More Popular

Skims, the lingerie brand founded by Kim Kardashian, now also offers breast-shaping products.
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Kim Kardashian once shared a photo revealing the mystery of how she used to shape her breasts to look flawless when wearing deep neckline garments. The secret of the celebrity was very simple - an adhesive tape used to lift her breast. After noticing an interest in her experience, Kim did not wait for a long time and introduced adhesive strips of fabric designed explicitly for chest formation. Her trademark brand Skims, known for its shapely underwear, now offers these chest straps, with a colour palette tailored to suit a variety of women. On her Instagram account, Kardashian not only shows the production but also demonstrates how to use the forming bands properly.

Another new Skims product, in addition to the straps, is nipple stickers. They are designed to hide the nipples when you are not wearing a bra. This item is very useful because many people want to avoid vulgarity when dressing in more open evening dresses.

Many have previously wondered how Kim's chest underneath her deep neckline remains so beautifully raised. Of course, while presenting the Skims news, Kim also shared photos using special adhesive tapes to create the perfect image.

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