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Street style hottest trends: the Knot Bag

Looking for a fashionista accessory to invest in the season? Knot Bags are dominating the street style for their stripped style and bold design.
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Also known as Twist Bags, they became popular among Caroline Daur and Leonie Hanne, who found in the model a perfect option for daytime looks full of charm.

Launched by Bottega Veneta, the bag has gained prominence for its practicality and versatile style. After all, Daniel Lee's entry into the brand has transformed it into a true hit factory, creating various accessories that are easy to use, harmonize and yet highly Instagrammable.

With a different strap, made to wrap the wrist - not the shoulder as we are used to, it has a bold and triangular shape. It is worth mentioning that it is spacious enough to fit everything we need on a daily basis. It has smooth and drawn models, and gained a sober color palette, perfect to harmonize with any production.

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