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Savoir-faire: the secrets of making J'Adior shoes

Propelled to the rank of a true must-have since the arrival of Maria Grazia Chiuri at the Avenue Montaigne house in 2016, the J'Adior shoes reinvented this season, with a logotype ribbon dressing all the cleavage of the shoe. Dive into the Dior workshops to discover the secrets of confection and reflections of a unique know-how.
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230,000 is the number of embroidery stitches that were needed to make the brand new ribbon for the iconic J'Adior pumps. For the autumn of 2019, Maria Grazia Chiuri reinvents them, using an innovative and unique technique: for the first time, these are made in one piece and without any sewing, just like the shoes specially created for the wedding of Chiara Ferragni last September. The result? The neckline of these fully embroidered shoes is like a border, resembling the embroidered white ribbon of the emblematic J'Adior dresses. A meticulous and exceptional creation requiring more than 9 hours of work, an expression of the excellent skillfulness of the Dior workshops.

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The J'Adior pumps: Savoir-Faire

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