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Laurence & Chico Spring 2019

A colorful parade of neons and tulle made for an exuberant runway debut.
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Laurence and Chico put the "show" in fashion show for their runway debut on Thursday. Miss J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model opened the event, and what followed was a parade of both literal and figurative color as models vogued down the catwalk.

The buzzy '80s-inspired neon trend made it into nearly every look, from enormous tulle skirts and dresses to electric body tights which came halfway up the face. Over-the-top headwear was another major motif, with bright headphones placed atop otherworldly wigs, resulting in models could reach for the sky even more effectively than they could with just platform shoes and exaggerated clothing. The collection felt like a celebration, not just of queer culture and the nostalgia that's reigned over recent seasons, but of the joy in fashion itself.

See every look from the collection, below.


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