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LE 17 SEPTEMBRE Presents Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

For this summer, the Korean brand, known for its quiet yet affordable luxury pieces, explores light breezy fabrics that enrich the neutral color scheme with a restrained edge, dresses with easy silhouettes, tailored yet comfortable summer suits along with minimalistic contemporary accessories that conclude a well-balanced wardrobe which works both for this summer and many more seasons to come.
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LE 17 SEPTEMBRE is Seoul-based brand known for its signature minimalistic silhouettes and restrained elegance. The brand’s name, often shorted to Le917, is the birthday of its designer, Grace Shin, who pursues the idea to make everyone wearing her designs feel as happy and loved as we all do in our birthdays. Majored in violin and having developed a solid audience as a blogger, Grace started making clothes for herself - and it gradually evolved into launching a brand.

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1592577784697341 le917 ss20 09

Subtly using the details of traditional Korean costume, designer creates contemporary yet timeless pieces in strictly limited quantities with special attention to selecting fabrics that always become the main inspiration of the collection. Meticulously cut, LE 17 SEPTEMBRE designs suit all ages and body types aiming to become beloved and cherished additions to the wardrobe for many years.

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1592577833134682 le917 ss20 251592577840452075 le917 ss20 26
1592577843141958 le917 ss20 30

LE 17 SEPTEMBRE debuted on international market with pre-fall 2019 collection in Paris, and was chosen to be part of The Vanguard project of prestigious online retailer Since then the brand has developed a solid representation among Europe, US and Asian markets and has received wide support among international press.

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1592577856950079 le917 ss20 141592577860083479 le917 ss20 20
1592577862671621 le917 ss20 23
1592577870011863 le917 ss20 131592577873770820 le917 ss20 28
1592577876571010 le917 ss20 151592577879421168 le917 ss20 18
1592577882555616 le917 ss20 16

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