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Loro Piana Unveils the Secrets of Cashmere

The cashmere of Loro Piana is renowned for its softness and quality, and the Italian house has decided to highlight this priceless treasure in a brand new documentary.
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Cashmere - Origins of a Secret - this is the title of the touching documentary by Loro Piana, which tells the secrets of the savoir-faire of cashmere, something that has allowed the Italian house to build an international reputation.

Presented for the first time in Shanghai, the film is the first part of a trilogy tracing the history of three noble and rare materials: cashmere, vicuña, and The Gift Of Kings, particularly soft wool mainly from New Zealand. During the screening, an orchestra of 33 musicians performed live the original soundtrack of the documentary, called Cyrille Aufort.

Created in partnership with Luc Jacquet, the documentary highlights the striking contrasts between cashmere producers and Loro Piana products, which for six generations have been using these raw materials from remote regions. It is a tribute to excellence born in extreme conditions, proving that the luxury and quality of the products depend on the exceptional work of the breeders and the love for the animals, wild and preserved.

The documentary is available on Loro Piana's website ( and will be the subject of private screenings around the world.


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