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Louis Vuitton's New It-Bag

The bag that has stolen the hearts of the top influencers.
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A new it-bag has been circulating on the internet, and the new model has already been spotted on the slender waists of our favourite influencers. After all, that's how you wear the Multi Pochette bag: as a crossbody slanting over one shoulder. The bag resembles the classic pocket square, a massive trend of the 90s, and now is coming back, as the vintage versions of the pocket square bag have become coveted collector items. The new Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette bag, available in baby pink or khaki green, has experienced some slight changes in design: it now has a sturdy strap and an additional micro bag. How to wear it? Try putting together a casual and sporty look like influencer Noor de Groot or wear it with an eye-catching classic suit like Ola Farahat.


The Multi Pochette bag will be available starting from October 2019. The bag is also available for pre-order in a number of selected countries.

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