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Luxury For the Beach

I go to the beach and bring ... a Chanel surfboard for the water, Louis Vuitton beach bats for a game on the white sand, and a Dior bath towel for sunbathing.

Even though there is a good chance that we will go for a staycation this summer, there are some 'beach essentials' for a day at the sea that you should definitely see!

1592502195949869 wakesurf board black carbon pvc eva carbon pvc eva packshot default aa6762b0264694305 8823107518494
Chanel Surfboard, 6578 €
1592502196214539 louis vuitton m72364 pm1 side view
Louis Vuitton Bath Towel, 435 €
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Prada Water Bottle, 500ml, 390 €
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Fendi Bath Towel, 470 €
1592502196816401 louis vuitton gi0394 pm2 front view
Louis Vuitton Beach Bats, 2390 €
1592502197038967 roja dove 51 supreme hairmist haarparfum
Roja Dove Hair Perfume, 115 €
1592502197279835 1590773002 033b901ab017 c085 e07 zh
Dior Beach Towel, 550 €
1592502197478058 beachwear set beige cotton cotton packshot default aa6731b02590n6398 8823106338846
Chanel Beach Set, 1200 €
1592502197736040 pareo fuchsia cotton silk cotton silk packshot default aa6560b02048n5631 8821786279966
Chanel Pareo, 444 €

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