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Make Way for the Return of the Square-Toe

Although they've been deemed ugly by many, the square-toed shoe trend has still found its way back and is currently thriving and trending.
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Some love it, and some swear they'll never be seen in a pair, but the square-toed shoe trend has undeniably made its return!

Although the first appearance of square-toed shoes traces back to medieval times, the last time we saw it start gaining popularity was in the 90s, where renowned high fashion brands like Prada featured them their runways. However, its rise attributes to American footballer Lou Groza, who sported square-toed shoes because of the way he kicked using the front of his toes, back in the 1940s. His style kickstarted the square-toed shoe showing up more in menswear, but the trend subsided in the 70s, before picking up again in the 90s. 

These days, square-toed shoes have once again been showing up on runways despite many criticizing the trend - commenting on how ugly it looks, even likening how casual it is, comparing it to flip flops under dress pants. But for what it's worth, at least most of us will admit that they tend to be more comfortable than pointy-toed shoes, right? 

1. LOEWE Square Toe Ankle Boots

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These shoes come from LOEWE's Autumn / Winter 2018 collection. With mid-high heels and a comfortable fit, these leather boots sport a chic style that isn't too complicated but clean and minimal looking instead, making them a versatile closet essential. 


2. Topshop HABBS High Ankle Boots

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These ankle boots from Topshop are super versatile and a chic accompaniment to any outfit. The ivory colour goes well with almost anything, and the heel has a pretty orange marble detail.


3. Charles & Keith Square Toe Wedge Boots

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For those who prefer wearing lower heels, these affordable wedge boots are the perfect alternative! They also come in neutral and earth-toned colours for easy matching and day-to-day wear.  


4. Bottega Veneta Stretch Pumps in Mesh and Berry Calf

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This pair of Bottega Veneta pumps are a statement pair, with its sharp angles and large toe cap. 


5. by FAR Virgo Sandals

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The by FAR Virgo sandals are simple yet classy-with a 2-inch heel, they are definitely at a comfortable height, therefore suitable for everyday wear. They come in a wide range of fun and bold colours, including the green suede and gold leather options above as well as in a more muted black suede. 


6. Saint Laurent Paris Minimalist Leather Sandals

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These strappy heels from Saint Laurent boast the trendy 'naked' sandal look. Its 75mm heel is just the right height to give you the right oomph but won't have your calves screaming for mercy at the end of the day. The perfect match for a flowy dress, or with jeans, this pair of sandals can be easily styled up and down for any occasion. 

7. Gucci Logo-Embellished Mules

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Gucci's logo embellished mules sport the brand's GG motif on its front, along with an open toe and open back cutting that's both classy and chic.


8. Zara Animal Print Leather Flat Shoes 

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 Fret not if you don't like heels, these Zara flat shoes make for a comfortable and stylish option with its faux crocodile print. 

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