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Michelle Obama is releasing a video series on IGTV

A way to create a true student support community
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How not to love Michelle Obama ? The former first lady is venturing into a variety of areas, and after launching her bestselling Grammy nominee Becoming and producing Netflix documentaries with her husband, she will devote herself to a new project: a video series for IGTV.


Titled Year of Firsts, this production, which is a partnership between ATTN and Reach Higher - an initiative led by Michelle during her time as first lady, features 6 episodes that will address the lives of 4 students during their first year of college. But what makes them different from all other ordinary college students is that they are the first generation of their families to enter higher education.

It's worth noting that even though Michelle doesn't appear on screen, it tells a lot of her own story “as the first in my family to be a college student, I know how scary it can be to make that leap and pursue our educational dreams,” Obama says during the project trailer released on your Instagram account.


"By sharing their stories, they are helping others see that the ups and downs of their first year of college are something that everyone goes through - and they are creating a supportive community for others facing similar challenges."


The project is expected to go live in January.

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