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Mid-season trend: shorts and leather pants!

The street style proves it and we are already dying to use it!
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This season, street style muses have already proven that leather pieces will reign. But, if you thought it meant sexy and extra tight leggings, you are very wrong. The shorts and leather pants have a twist: more loose, comfortable and very fashionistas.

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The ideal is to find a piece that has a good fit at the waist, so that it still manages to give a good shape to the body and a cool silhouette. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Zimmermann and Sies Marjan have already created their versions of the trend with models perfect for the season.

The good news is: if you are not yet in the sober mood to use black leather, colors like burgundy and caramel are great options. Get inspired!

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