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Fashionable blouses that will give the image femininity and elegance

This blouse will give a moment of romance to even the most mundane combination.
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The fashion world has longed for femininity and tenderness, so this summer we’ll see ruffles, pastel shades, cloud prints, pink jackets, lace brooches, silk dresses and a host of other romanticized micro-trends on the trend lists. This time we invite you to take a look at one of the most fashionable blouses of the season, which will emphasize femininity and look extremely elegant.


Translucent fabric blouses with puffed sleeves - not a choice for everyone, because they are quite capricious. First of all, because they are see-through - to wear such a blouse, you will need to combine the right bra and not be afraid to show a little more skin. Second - puffy sleeves are an extravagant detail, very fashionable, but immediately eye-catching, and not everyone likes attention. However, these blouses look great not only with classic trouser suits, but also with vintage-style jeans and sneakers, so don’t be afraid to create a distinctive experimental image.

This season top fashionable blouses are of light pastel shades (blue, pink, brown, purple), both plain fabric and decorated with lace or dots. If you want a classic and a bit tighter image, choose black, dark shades will help you avoid the obvious transparency of the blouse. A stylish detail is a long ribbon tied at the neck, which you can wear both tied and loose. If you like a romantic style, don’t avoid blouses adorned not only with ribbons but also with ruffled fabric details, lace appliqués or large princess sleeves.


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