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Mytheresa Launches an Exclusive Capsule Collection with Alexandre Vauthier

Luxury online retailer Mytheresa and French couture designer Alexandre Vauthier have collaborated on an exclusive capsule collection, available globally from November 20th, 2019.
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True to his feminine and glamourous aesthetic, Alexandre Vauthier designed 12 pieces focusing on precise cuts and fitted silhouettes. The capsule collection comprises a purple crystal encrusted long sleeves gown, low cut dresses with ruched details, a graphic print skirt with matching one shoulder body suit, and coordinated jewelled high-heel boots. The exclusive styles perfectly slot into any mod- ern evening wardrobe of confident and seductive women.

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Alexandre Vauthier, Founder and Creative Director at Alexandre Vauthier, says: ‘’I am so pleased to be working with Mytheresa on this special capsule. The collection is an exclusive release on some of my most beloved styles throughout the years. These pieces have custom colors and prints especially for Mytheresa—I am excited to see women wear the designs with confidence and power.‘’

The ‘Mytheresa x Alexandre Vauthier’ capsule will be available globally on Mytheresa within a dedi- cated editorial story shot in Paris from November 20th, 2019. Prices range from 675€ to 5375€.

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Q&A with Alexandre Vauthier, Founder and Creative Director at Alexandre Vauthier

You reinterpreted 12 signature styles for this exclusive capsule collection for Mytheresa. What is the story behind the Capsule collection and what was your inspiration?

I am so pleased to be working with Mytheresa on this special capsule. The collection is an exclusive release on some of my most beloved styles throughout the years. I have recreated these pieces in custom colors and prints especially for Mytheresa—I am excited to see women wear the designs with confidence and power!

Why did you decide to collaborate with Mytheresa for this capsule collection?

Mytheresa has always been so supportive of the collection, and I was very happy to work closely with the team and bring back these styles in beautiful colors and prints, especially for their customer.

What is your favorite look/piece from the capsule and why?

I am very drawn to the purple crystal long sleeved dress—the color is so commanding the silhouette is beautiful and will work for so many different types of women!

When designing a new collection, how does your design process usually work and where do you get your inspiration from?

I love the notions of sensuality. In any case, I follow my feelings, I propose and then the women choose. For me tailoring is extremely key, and you can see the precise tailoring in all of my collections. The pieces they wear need to be perfectly tailored to their shape, so they can exude the confidence they need to wear the clothing.

Your collections are meant to sublimate women and make them feel beautiful and confident. Do you have a muse or a certain type of woman when designing?

My woman needs pieces that will carry her throughout her day, starting from exquisitely tailored suiting for her professional life and moving into evening with the perfect black gown. My customer is a modern, confident woman and her clothing needs to reflect her multifaceted, dynamic lifestyle.

You dress celebrities such as Madonna, Céline Dion and Rihanna, one of your devotees since your beginnings. Are these personalities important in your creative process?

Today more than ever, the red-carpet dressing is a very strong moment for fashion houses. Honestly, I don’t want to dress someone just for buzz. I need a real feeling with the talent, a real encounter always brings a bit of magic. It is important for me that the women I am dressing feel connected to my brand, and are powerful, confident women. I am lucky to have such strong ambassadors, and this relationship is very natural, and is how I have always worked, and will continue.

You’ve worked alongside Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Gaultier. To what extent would you say they influenced you as a designer?

The two houses are completely different from one another but both experiences taught me invaluable lessons in rigor and determination. I learned numerous techniques with Thierry Mugler who supported me from the start as it was my first job in fashion. We worked together for four years and he trained me on the importance of precision tailoring and to play with the shape and cut of a garment. I consider Thierry sort of like an older brother who encouraged me to start my own collection. At Jean Paul Gaultier, I stayed 8 years as the head designer of the couture collection, where I had the amazing opportunity to perfect what I had learned and develop my skills. It was very challenging but it was also one of the most rewarding and extraordinary experiences. I will thank them both forever for the confidence they had in me and my work.

Where do you see your brand in the future? Any plans or dreams you can share?

I am really excited for the year ahead—my collection evolves with my customer, but one constant in my collections will always be confidence. The more natural and confident you are – more powerful you feel!

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About Alexandre Vauthier

Since the launch of his Haute Couture range in 2009, his luxurious and futuristic fabrics, Parisian savoir- faire and complete vision of the female body have allowed Alexandre Vauthier’s creations to seduce clients and press alike. Many have endorsed the work of this talented designer, who trained alongside Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier. The essence of the Alexandre Vauthier style has been available for the past four years in ready-to-wear form, with looks inspired by the catwalk as well as must-have basics, always worked with the same focus on cut and fabric.

About Mytheresa

Mytheresa ( is one of the world’s leading online stores for luxury fashion. Launched in 2006, we offer more than 200 top international brands, including Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Prada, Valentino and many more. The product selection boasts clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. In 2014, Mytheresa was acquired by the Neiman Marcus Group, a multibrand omni-channel fashion retailer.


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