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Nadya Dzyak: Ukrainian Designer You Should Know

She has conquered my heart with sensual and beyound feminie dresses that seems out of this world. Her new collection is out: Nadya Dzyak Pre Spring Summer 2019
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Pre-Spring collection 2019 was inspired by the beauty of nature, as well as ancient landscaped woodland garden Leonardslee started at the end of 19th century in West Sussex.  This beautiful garden has breathtaking views of the English countryside and blooming displays of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, which sprouts create incredible plant patterns. A floral easiness and transparency are the theme of NADYA DZYAK new collection. Being brand’s signature pieces transparent dresses and blouses, made of airy summer fabrications, cover a body like fluffy clouds.

Due to masterful combination of pleated details and flounces together with geometric cutouts and asymmetric silhouettes, the new collection sharply reveals a theme of femininity and sensuality. The main colors used in the collection are smoky vintage rose, vanilla, coral red, the tints of amethyst and light mint.

Traditionally, NADYA DZYAK collection is defined by the use of intricate hand-stitched elements and bespoke sophisticated elements of décor.




Creative director | Nadya Dzyak

Photographer | Hanna Shuiska

Model | Lia Stashevskaya (Premium models)

Beauty | Julia Nazarova

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