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New Max Mara 2019 Autumn Collection

“I like luxury. It has never frightened me, ”said legendary face of Max Mara fashion house Linda Evangelista.
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For many people, luxury can be a difficult topic - especially today, when the debate about fashion and feminism often pushes luxury to the margins of conversation. Currently, the general discourse revolves around fashion, which gives a woman more inner strength, but how does it really work? The Max Mara Fashion House says the garment should allow a woman to shine. Luxury (not necessarily linked to price, more to elegance) is the magic ingredient that can give the image a special power. Luxury is even more than fashion - it brings the woman's personality forward. Camille Paglia, a professor at the Philadelphia University of Arts, also supports this, saying: "Clothing rules and conventions are more damaging to men than to women."

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The woman of Max Mara fashion house is well aware of the rules of luxury and adapts it to her benefit: it becomes sharper, wiser, intriguing. Max Mara's luxury is easy to translate into a garment language: the silhouettes have a strong shoulder line, are more spacious, tighter, and more lifting than a woman. Skirt cutting is a bit like a men's trousers - they barely reach the knees or touch the ankle - and they are ideally suited to combining with impressive longs and polo-style sweaters. The most important collection materials are alpaca and camel wool, cashmere and leather, tweed, zebra and crocodile skin imitations. The new jacket is made of big down jackets and warm camel wool. Essential colors - beige, black, white and tinted leather, the entire collection is decorated with archive fashion house widgets. The wardrobe is complemented by classic vests, jackets and skirts with uniform zippers and comfortable pockets.

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The collection's inspiration board was full of the tenth century. decades of famous supermodels stepping on the "Max Mara" podium. Those photos radiate joy and optimism - the images look heroic, the monochrome themed smile and self-confidence. Classic teddy coat painted in bright blue or yellow? Why not? After all, every winter needs bright moments when everything is so grey around. Milano's Bocconi University has become a world-class institution with graduates becoming the most prominent leaders in their fields and half of them women. American writer Roxane Gay has said that "dressing as a woman means wearing what a woman turns into a tool to achieve a goal". Max Mara's fashion house makes this statement even clearer - the costume presented on the podium will give you more confidence and courage, will help you overcome those moments when you do not want to go anywhere, and the coat will become a talisman to help you overcome important meetings.

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Max Mara 2019-2020 autumn and winter


Pictures of the fashion house MAX MARA

Makeup: Tom Pecheux and the MAC PRO team

Hairstyles: Sam McKnight from Premier, used by Hair by Sam McKnight

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