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From its impact on culture and society to consumer behaviour, the Institut Francais de la Mode invites to discover the business of fashion online. One of experts is the creative director Simon Porte Jacquemus.
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The French Fashion Institute has prepared a course titled “Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture”. In order to appeal to many international audiences it offers a free access to the course for 6 weeks.

The aim of the course selection has been determined in order to grasp the creative segments of fashion by offering different approaches to fashion, as well as to understand its functioning as an industrial sector. 

Following topics are covered by the course:

  • Fashion and modernity: contemporary relevance, ‘Zeitgeist’, and the desirability of the new.
  • Fashion and society: the concept of trends, social distinction and selection, culture and subcultures.
  • Fashion as a language: decoding silhouettes, the genre of fashion literature and fashion press.
  • Fashion and consumption: fashion and gender, the emergence of ‘lifestyle’, fetishism.
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On this course, you’ll explore the interaction of fashion, society and business with IFM professor, Benjamin Simmenauer. The course features exclusive input from fashion industry leaders, including designers such as Simon Porte Jacquemus, Christelle Kocher, Paul Smith, and CEOs at Chanel, YSL and Hermès.

You’ll deepen your understanding of the industry and take a dual approach to the study of fashion as you investigate it as both a cultural phenomenon and a creative industry.

You can join the course for free and get access to it for 6 weeks.

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