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Phuong My The Bridal
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Tran Phuong My was born in 1988 at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Having studied and graduated with honors from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Phuong My has pursued perfection in all aspects of her fashion career.

From the design and production process through to client service, the smallest details are obsessively pursued. Rather than accepting the limitations of local fabrics available to other designers in Vietnam, Phuong My established a very clear strategy for her own brand. PHUONG MY’s fabric production is entirely outsourced to select partners in Paris, Milan, Hongkong and Tokyo, thus providing the optimum blend of both materials and exclusivity that has proven to be successful for the brand.

Phuong My’s creative talents are expressed both through her work as the Chief Designer for the PHUONG MY brand and also production and styling projects for key fashion magazines such as ELLE, HARPER’s BAZAAR, and VOGUE. Determined to produce only the truly exceptional, the young designer is looking to expand her vision to the global fashion scene.

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