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Practical Guide to Investing in Your First Luxury Purse

Thinking of investing in your first luxury purse? Check out the tips!
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Buying your first designer bag is a real dream. But, the first purchase of your ideal luxury bag should be well analysed. Will you buy a piece for day or night? Big or small? Check out the practical guide to prepare you for the investment!

1. Choose the brand carefully

It is possible that you as a lover of the fashion world already have your favorite brands, and this is something that should not be ignored - after all, you feel a closeness to a certain brand because there is a similarity in style and taste. What should be analysed is the never-ending turn of designers in each label, because, with each new creative direction some models are changed, removed from the stores or even replaced with new designs (a recent case is Céline, for example). But if the design of the bag really delights you, the piece will probably continue to suit your style even if some changes are made.

2. Mini or large?

This decision may seem easy, but, in fact, it can be a real trap. Although the mini bags are all the rage now, you have to think about some important questions: At what times do you want to wear your bag? For evening events and parties? Or a model that is convenient and suitable for day to day errands? When in doubt, the size between mini and large is a good choice, as it can be used for the day as well as some types of events at night.

3. The eternal debate: what colour?

Just like the size of the bag, the colour might also be a great challenge. For day-to-day models, it is very common to choose clean and muted shades such as black, gray and caramel, but for night events, maybe try some more adventurous options - whether in pastel colours or in intense tones such as red and green military, it will be a great way to accentuate and make the overall look more fun. Ideally, you should find a colour that fits with everything you wear. If you get scared of bold choices, don't worry, there will always be pastels.

4. Think about comfort

Whether the bag is for day-to-day activities or nighttime events, you need to keep in mind that the piece should be comfortable to use. If the model is not practical or does not fit everything you need to put in it, you will probably be left dissatisfied with your purchase. So, think about your needs as well as the way you want to use it. What kind of handle is the most comfortable for you? How do you usually carry the bag? These type of things must be thought about before the purchase is made!

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