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Classic White Shirt Is a Summer Must Have

The always stylish white shirt in different variations is the must have item in your summer wardrobe.
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The fashion protocol in the warm season calls for light, playful classics with a new name, and a simple, white shirt is one of the best examples. The white shirt is the simplest option when you do not know what to wear or what to choose, and it is easy to make a memorable outfit without much effort.


Any outift that includes a white shirt resembles a careless vacation on the sea or ocean coast. This colour fits every skin tone and will look great when combined with virtually any other colour. Keep in mind that white also has shades, so if you have a lighter skin, choose a milky white or the so-called off-white shade. And if you have a golden tan, you can choose a colder, lighter white tint. Of course, in this case, the shade does not play a major role, it only contributes to the overall image.

The most important thing to do this season is to choose the right shirt for you while browsing from the many trends of this season. Look for a shirt with ruffled, short, fluffy sleeves, embroidered with bright threads, decorated with floral details, dots, made out of linen or one that is long and oversized - the most suitable for your style and chosen occasion.


Depending on the occasion, choose the most inventive haircut - in which case the shirt will become the accent of the clothing - after all, this is the detail that you want to wear. Combine the boldest cut or decoration with a vintage jeans or denim shorts and midi high heels or sneakers - you won't miss this option. Dressed that way, you will feel comfortable in the city, at work or at dinner in a non-binding environment.

The shirt worn with shorts will also work flawlessly for weekend trips and beaches. You can complement the combination with a patterned handbag and leather strap. If you choose a white shirt for the evening, combine it with a midi skirt. Choose high-heels with a square or a pointed front. An outift like that will always look chic and expensive. Such a combination will be perfect for dinner in a restaurant or at the seaside, and for dancing at a party aswell.


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