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Remember the time: 10 most iconic moments of fashion

Do you remember the fight between Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell? And the Chanel Fall 1991 show by Karl Lagerfeld? We remind of eternal fashion moments in videos.
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Throughout history, we follow a series of iconic moments in the fashion world. From unforgettable shows to falls on the catwalk, our favorite models and brands marked the memory of the fashion universe with all its glamor, elegance and of course, a lot of originality.

Do you remember Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell together on a talk show or incredible collections from the 90s? Remember these great moments here:

In an interview, Kate Moss talks openly how Mario Sorrenti, the photographer she was dating at the time, was obsessed with her during Calvin Klein's shooting, and how she felt in that situation.

Kate Moss

Naomi Campbell and Vivienne Westwood are a powerful duo, especially when they come together to remember a moment like the fall of the model on the catwalk of the British collection of 1993.

Naomi Campbell

After years of fighting, Tyra Banks interviews Naomi Campbell so that they can discuss all the drama and events of that great controversy among them.

Tyra Banks interviews Naomi Campbell

Recall Thierry Mugler's iconic Haute Couture Spring 1997 show, a true show that combines boldness with the best of high fashion.

Thierry Mugler

It cannot be denied that John Galliano's visit to Dior brought truly unforgettable campsites. We remind of Fall / Winter 1998/1999 show.

Dior by John Galliano

Karl Lagerfeld was a man who, without a doubt, will be marked in the history of fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld

The 90s were truly unforgettable for fashion, as were great models like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. Remember the three on the Versace catwalks.


How can you not love the Chanel Fall 1991 collection that celebrates Hip Hop? Check these powerful looks!


The ice bucket challenge may have been somewhat disorganized, basic and without major production. But not for Donatella Versace.


Can you remember Kate Moss sucking a popsicle during Vivienne Westwood's catwalk? Check the show!

Vivienne Westwood

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