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Saint Laurent X Google

Saint Laurent and Jacquard™ by Google announce the Cit-e Backpack. 
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Jacquard developed a platform that consists of intelligent yarns integrated into the Saint Laurent backpack’s fabric—creating an interactive touch area that allows for gestures. A Jacquard Tag provides connectivity from the interactive panel to a mobile phone.
Saint Laurent and Google Jacquard weave intelligence into the everyday Cit-e Backpack that allows it to control music, drop pins on the go, and take pictures with a simple gesture. The experience is optimized for both iOS and Android. The app allows you to configure Abilities to gestures and alerts and revisit activities with the Cit-e Backpack. 

Jacquard is an advanced technology that allows users to interact seamlessly with digital services in their daily activities, to improve their daily lives. This new experience developed by Saint Laurent & Jacquard aims to explore the future of fashion, made possible by technological advances. 

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