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Red flavor, Prada!

19 S / S Collection, a true retro return.

The 19 S / S collection of Prada 'Linea Rosa' which made a strong impression with the red line logo was released. Prada Linea has not been produced for a while but has returned to F / W Prada Sports in 2018. The sporty line-down material and design of the Prada Linea, which features a long red Prada logo, show the street mood properly. The 19 S / S collection also comes with a windproof, waterproof, ventilated technical material and nylon, a signature of Prada, with a light yet futuristic feel. Prada 19 S / S Collection with retro and futurism coexistence is a collection you should not miss if you want to 'Hip'.


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