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Savoir-Faire of warp printing, or chiné by Dior

Known as chiné in France, the warp printing technique that appears in the #DiorSS21 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri is one with a centuries-long and ever-evolving history that spans the globe.
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Warp printing, or chiné as it's known in France, appeared repeatedly throughout the #DiorSS21 show from @MariaGraziaChiuri in a mixture of traditional and atypical forms. The technique is identifiable by the blurred effect it gives the fabric, which is the result of the warp yarns being printed with a motif before the weft yarns are woven through. Key in the collection was an archival coat from 1959 whose bold motifs were reinterpreted in both weaves and as prints.

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A traditional and typically French decorative textile, toile de Jouy traces its history at the House back to the very beginning, when it was chosen to upholster Monsieur Dior's 'Colifichets' boutique. It has since been embraced and reinvented by Maria Grazia Chiuri in a lushly exotic form, which has been further developed for #DiorSS21. Woven as a warp-printed fabric, the motif has also been painstakingly hand painted by #DiorSavoirFaire so it can be reproduced in the form of prints and embroideries, too, the latter specifically for a colorful new iteration of the iconic #DiorBookTote.

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Whether it's creating a fabric inspired by a 1959 one from the House's archives or a chiné-style toile de Jouy print populated with wild animals, the most accomplished #DiorSavoirFaire is necessary at every step of the complex process, from initial conception to final realization.

The Savoir-Faire of Warp-Print Fabric

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