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Reflection of ancient values to our day; Gucci ArtWall

The new screen in Gucci's hearty art identity is evolving in the brand's last Pre-Fall campaign.

Thanks to its artistic director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci made the art aspect more visible than ever. Alessandro Michele, a designer and activist, manages to push the boundaries of the brand and has a culture. The ArtWall project, which was a reflection of the collection campaigns, took place in several locations around the world in recent seasons. Now we have the chance to see more in Mexico City, Manhattan SoHo, Milan, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Gucci, bringing the ancient Greek history and texture to the modern city life with the project that has seen the reflections of 2019 Pre-Fall ad campaign shot in Selinunte Archaeological Park, has been quite successful in reminding the youth of today's values.


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