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The 10 most followed models of 2019

Check out the powerful ranking!
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Today, the success of a model doesn't just mean closing big contracts and being photogenic. It may seem futile, but having a good network of followers has become essential in the business, after all, this is a great indication that the pro has a good network of fans and have a good influence on them. Check out the most followed models of the year 2019!

Kendall Jenner is number 1 in the ranking, with a total of 164.5 million followers
(120m on Instagram , 28.5m on Twitter and 16m on Facebook )

Gigi Hadid in second place in the ranking is not really a surprise. The young woman has nearly 64.5 million followers
(51m on Instagram , 9.12m on Twitter and 4.3m on Facebook)

Cara Delevingne

The top star has deserted the podiums for a long time, but remains very popular with the public. Today it has 60.3 million followers.
(44m on Instagram , 10m on Twitter and 6.3 million on Facebook ).

Chrissy Teigen

This former model converted into a multi-cap TV presenter, seems to attract the sympathy of crowds with 39.2 million followers.
(27.1m on Instagram and 12.1m on Twitter )

Emily Ratajkowski

The essential Emrata is obviously in the ranking. The young woman has nearly 32.29 million followers.
(24.9m on Instagram , 1.49m on Twitter and 5.9m on Facebook )

90's star model Tyra Banks successfully retrained by becoming a TV presenter. Still very popular, the ex-podium star today has a community of 30.6 million followers.
(6.6m on Instagram , 14.6m on Twitter and 9.4m on Facebook )

Like her sister, Bella Hadid is one of the key figures in this ranking. Her hard work and unique beauty allowed her to bring together a community of 28.60 million followers.
(27.4m on Instagram and 1.17m on Twitter )

Gisele Bündchen seems immortal, no longer parading for years, yet she remains a reference model for a large number of Internet users. Become a wellness and yoga guru, the Brazilian has a capital of 36.26 million followers.
(15.6m on Instagram , 4.76m on Twitter and 5.9m on Facebook )

Madame Bierber , formerly Baldwin, has a pretty nest egg of 26 million followers.
(23.9m on Instagram , 1.41m on Twitter and 758k on Facebook )

Former Victoria Secret angel, Miranda Kerr has long since retired from the catwalks. Its number of followers today stands at 24.98 million .
(12.1m on Instagram , 5.28m on Twitter and 7.6m on Facebook )

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