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The 5 Ultimate Basic Clothing Items

A black leather jacket, a white T-shirt, a bra, a pair of classic jeans, and pumps. These are the five basic pieces that are essential for a chic and classic closet.
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Leather Jacket

Acne Studios, Comme des Garçons, Saint Laurent ... The leather jacket is synonymous with functionality, style and, above all, coolness. History has confirmed that the leather jacket is a classic garment that will never be forgotten, and still serves as an inspiration for many fashion brands. Jonnu Johansson consolidated it as the object of desire of the Swedish brand Acne Studios; Rei Kawakubo made it a label of Comme des Garçons, and Hedi Slimane added it to the list of iconic garments at Saint Laurent.

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Hand Painted Leather Jacket, Acne Studios.

Although it may not seem like it, the tailoring of a shirt is just as important as for any other piece. While it may be considered the simplest item in one's closet, finding a white t-shirt with the right fit, the perfect neck, and the ideal length is exhaustive. Among the favorites in the fashion industry are Alexander Wang, contemporary fashion brand COS, and, even more accessible, Zara.

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Vintage Cotton Pocket Tee, Alexander Wang.

Underwear just may be the most important part of our wardrobe - they are the most intimate pieces that touch our skin all day. The brassière, as the French called it, can range from a simple design to an elaborate piece with lace, and possesses the power to make a woman feel unique. The classics by Calvin Klein, the beautiful styles of Intimissimi or the truly luxurious ones of La Perla showcase the importance of underwear when it comes to feeling comfortable in your own skin.

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T-Shirt Bra, Calvin Klein.

Denim is a textile that seems to be improving over the years and has adopted a variety of styles that vary in colour, cut and other aspects. A pair of jeans will always be an essential in the closet of anyone, both for women and men. Once you find the perfect fit for you, it is the first step (as well as a comfortable one) for styling a timeless look. With heels or tennis shoes, a sweater or a white t-shirt, there is no way to commit a fashion faux pax. Levi's classic 501 was the first model with five pockets, Calvin Klein made us love supermodel Kate Moss with the help of jeans in the '90s and designer Martin Margiela took them apart to reconstruct them once again.

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501® Original Stretch Cropped Women's Jeans, Levi's.

The comfort of tennis shoes is indisputable, but the aesthetic of a gorgeous pair of pumps is unique. In addition to helping to elongate the silhouette of a woman, they are a classic symbol of femininity. The design that Raf Simons devised for Dior was a contemporary example of sophistication, elegance and simplicity, with its architectural structure and streamlined heels. On the other hand, there is the iconic design of Christian Louboutin's modern So Kate pumps, inspired by the supermodel Kate Moss, which every woman should have in her closet.

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So Kate, Christian Louboutin.

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