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The 7 fashion investments for your closet in Summer 2021

It's time to prepare your wardrobe for Summer 2021! Whether you are a daring fashionista, betting on innovative looks according to the news of the season or even a woman who usually chooses a more timeless fashion, some key pieces can be adapted easily to different styles and should become your investments for the hottest months of the year. What are they? Check it out below.
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A white dress

Is there a lighter piece with a summer face than a white dress? For the season bet on versions with a bohemian aesthetic, which is well suited to open air walks and adapt to the heat of the season - after all, this spring we are already noticing that it will be strong!



High waisted bikini

Elegant and with a vintage touch! It cannot be denied that high-waisted bikinis are one of the biggest trends for summer 2021. Bringing a retro aesthetic, which has elevated swimwear to a status of refinement, they have become fashionistas' favorite bet for their most relaxed moments during the sunniest months of the year.


A beige blazer

The arrival of summer does not mean that we need to abandon classic and versatile pieces of our wardrobe and the blazer is a perfect example of this. Bringing elegance to any production, the beige piece delivers a perfect look for any event you want to be tidier and more powerful! For work, jeans can be the perfect match for a relaxed look in the right measure, while for a cocktail night, a skirt or shorts can bring the freshness of the season.


Linen dress

There is no doubt that linen pieces are perfectly suited to the summer climate, bringing elegance without weighing down the look. From its most minimalist versions to the most elaborate and with different models, it is easily adapted to various occasions, and can be used both during the day with flat sandals and at night with more powerful bags and accessories.


Printed button down shirt

Whether you are with your feet in the sand or on the porch of a new bar in town, printed shirts can become your great ally. Just tie the ends together and create a fresh and stripped look. From there the sky is the limit, you can leave the buttons closed and pair with shorts, or you can leave it open with a bikini for a trip to the beachclub.


Gladiator sandals

A controversial trend but, it cannot be denied, looks amazing with the summer looks! Whether with shorts, skirts or short dresses, the gladiator sandals are perfect for elevating production and transforming it into something fashionable and bold in seconds.


Bucket hat


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