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The big trend report 2020: 12 fashion trends for spring / summer

Time for a recap, these are the trends that should be on your radar for the spring / summer of 2020.
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New York, London, Milan and Paris. A few months ago we were eagerly looking forward to the four main fashion weeks. The moment when all trends for the spring / summer 2020 slide off the catwalk. The sixties and seventies leave their mark on the shows. The 70-s collar makes a comeback, the 80-s bikershort gives way to the hotpants, prints seem to be torn away from funky wallpaper, a line barely visible sees the sunlight through frivolous crochet. And as a counterpart to those golden years, minimalist luxury is on the rise. The big leader is leather, in all colors. A leather trench worn as a split dress, a head-to-toe look in ton-sur-ton leather, the pinnacle of portable luxury. Time for a recap, these are the 12 trends that should be on your radar for the spring / summer of 2020.

Polka Dots

1578422812986590 polkaaaa
Balmain - Stine Goya - Dries Van Noten

It's raining balls or polkadots next season. The cheerful ball print gets a sophisticated upgrade and leaves its girlish image behind. We see this trend returning in classic black and white, but it's mainly in the styling. For example, Dries Van Noten opts for a maxi dress in XL polkadots, while Balmain opts for a full look with a layered effect. At Haider Ackermann, a piece of fabric strewn with polka dots appears from under a minimalist look.


1578422813523787 crochet
Isabel Marant - Acne — Fendi

The seventies are still an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fashion as we know it. Crochet is one proof of that. The crocheted fabric will get a fresh update in 2020. With Fendi, crochet looks more modern than ever, in tight skirts and tailored shirts. Isabel Marant, on the other hand, pays homage to the hippie movement, with casual crochet tops with playful motifs. With Acne, crochet has a completely different look, casual and tough in the form of irregular and asymmetrical crocheted.

Bright colors

1578422814152928 felkleur
Dries Van Noten - Balmain - Sies Marjan

What is a summer without color? Exactly, the two are inextricably linked. This season you can make a statement in bright colors such as fuchsia, royal blue (also called the trend color of 2020, according to Pantone), purple or orange. A trend that undoubtedly also results in color blocking, and it can shock, like the color combinations on the Balmain parade.


Romantic ruffles

1578422814696299 romantischeruches
Armani - Victoria Beckham - Chanel

Romantic ruffles are not just for evening dresses when we see the catwalk trends for 2020. Chanel , Christian Wijnants, Dries Van Noten and Armani give a reinterpretation of ruffles and make them more accessible. Chanel gives it a casual touch by combining with a sweater, while Dries Van Noten combines them with a cool blazer. This summer, ruffles will give your wardrobe a portion of volume, a hint of drama and lots of femininity.


1578422815280022 bralette
Fendi - Balmain - Isabel Marant

The crop top has to go bad for the bralette this summer. In 2020, more may be seen exposed, at least in proportion to the rest of the look. Like Fendi, you let a jacket fall open over your bralette in combination with a miniskirt. Haider Ackermann and Balmain maintain the balance by combining the bralette with a maxi skirt.


1578422815787058 hotpants
Saint Laurent - Hermes - Isabel Marant

A trend that you are better prepared for, because in 2020 the shorts will be shorter than ever. Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent sent their models onto the catwalk in hot pants in combination with knee boots. Even Hermès ventures into a high-cut hotpants, albeit in a luxury version in wool. Chanel presents the hot pants with tights and a long trench, so that something is left to the imagination. A combination that makes the shorts a lot more accessible for the average woman. So you see, this summer it's all about proportions.

Neon green

1578422816210865 felgroen
Victoria Beckham - Valentino - Stine Goya

You really can't miss it this summer, this trend of fluorescent green. Valentino presented the most beautiful shade of this neon color last fashion week, in a splendor of a maxi dress. We see this color come into its own in one piece, such as the simple dresses of Victoria Beckham, Sies Marjan and Stine Goya.


1578422816834579 gilet
Louis Vuitton - Saint Laurent — Maxmara

Women will soon wear tight suits, despite the summer temperatures. A trend that we already embraced last season, but this summer will get a nice addition from the waistcoat. We saw the undercoat at Max Mara, Louis Vuitton , Celine and Saint Laurent, among others. Also nice to wear as a top on loose trousers in warm weather.

Seventies collar

1578422817341719 discokraagjerrrr
Louis Vuitton - Acne - Victoria Beckham

Disco is dead? Not if we can believe the catwalk trends for spring / summer 2020. The 'seventies collar' or 'disco collar' made a comeback with, among others, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent and Acne. You can recognize it by the flared points and is often worn over the collar of a contrasting blazer or sweater. Because the disco collar can be seen.

Colored leather

1578422817780460 leer
Bottega Veneta - Hermès - Bottega Veneta

Against all vegan trends, we have never seen so much leather on the catwalk as last fashion weeks. Hermès dressed almost the entire parade in leather, from long trousers to trench coats and dresses. Bottega Veneta is also known for its beautiful minimalist designs in quilted leather in fresh colors (think of The Pouch and slippers). This summer the light blue trench coat is high on our wish list. You can find a nice vegan alternative to leather at Nanushka or Stella McCartney.

1578422818027739 1568920443801620 bottegaveneta primavera estate 2020 lofficielitalia0045
Bottega Veneta SS2020

Wallpaper print

1578422818348849 behangpapierprint
Stine Goya - Fendi - Louis Vuitton

A trend that literally seems to have been torn away from wallpaper from a bygone era. We see prints in wallpaper at Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Stine Goya. To wear as a full look, with print on print, or contrasting with another print. Here three concepts of style apply: eclectic, funky and colorful.


1578422818947675 bermuda
Bottega Veneta - Chloe — Sportmax

With this trend you play safe this summer, this trend is literally everyone. We already saw the bermuda at many influencers during fashion weeks, but this season it is popping up everywhere. Chloe , Sportmax and Bottega Veneta show how you can best wear this trend: cool, minimalist or business.

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