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The Era of Big Handbags: What to Look For & How to Combine Them

Now is the time to add two different types of handbags to our looks: micro and maxi. When worn together, these accessories create a very capricious yet charming duo, but, this time, the ultimate star is the big handbag.
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The fact that only accessories can save a "drowning" or unsuccessful outfit is an unwritten law among fashionistas, and summer is the perfect time when this part of the outift can become brighter, bolder and more sophisticated. Fashion trends often receive undeserved criticism for their impracticality, but no one said that fashion is for those who like comfort ... On the other hand, there is no trend that cannot be adapted to the pace of our hectic lives.


That’s why practical fashion enthusiasts will clap their hands this summer, not only because a comfortable trend is joining the must-have list, but also because it will actually free up hands. Large handbags will be very fashionable this summer, as they will be able to perform many functions and will be easily adaptable for both weekend trips and days of work. It’s important to remember that this is more of a non-festive accessory, although it may vary depending on the design of the handbag.


Match maxi handbags by colour during the warm season! If you are choosing a handbag for work and business environment, it is worth thinking about a classic designer handbag, such as the global sold-out Louis Vuitton Neverfull, the urban Balenciaga City, Hollywood's favorite Celine Luggage, the elegant Saint Laurent Uptown, or the luxury Givenchy Antigona. These are classic, time-tested handbags that will give every outfit practicality, add a minimalist palette of colors and give the combination structure. If you are looking for a less expensive option, choose models according to the rules of these classics!


The Maxi handbag should have a clear structure and shape, preferably rectangular and easy to open - with a zipper, for example. Choose a colour that does not oblige you to combine it with a special colour palette, preferably a neutral, minimalist colour: black, dark blue, brown, gray, body, or sometimes white. The handbag for the working day may have metal embellishments or other design solutions, but try to find one with unsophisticated and capricious details that are as small as possible to make it easier to create outfits.


Pair the work bag with a suit, dress, skirt, or simply jeans. The upper body garment should also be classic and not necessarily very structured, because the combination of structure will be provided by the classic maxi handbag.


When looking for a great leisure handbag, you can look for more sophisticated shapes or style solutions. Leisure classics that have already become the wicker handbags remain just as popular, so you can look for them on store shelves or pull out of the closet the ones you already have. You can also choose a bag with various beads, chains or other decoration solutions. Of course, decorating items should be chosen based on where you go. For example, if you go to the cinema, a restaurant, or just take a walk around the city, the decorations can be brighter, bolder - for such places, we usually choose simpler, not ornate looks, so the handbag can become the centre of attention. When going to a party, where the clothes are usually fancy, it is worth choosing a handbag with less details and in a neutral shade.

Match the maxi handbag to the colours of the outfit! For leisure, you can choose a seasonal colour palette - pastel blue, peach, dusty mint, body, and cocoa colours. If you prefer bright shades, look for shades like blue, coral, lime, and rhubarb red.

When it comes to maxi-sized handbags, the usual large handbags look miniature. An Instagram account called @thebigbagclub has a special focus on the latest handbag trends. The profile, which features photos with gigantic, human-sized designer handbags, has deceived many, even the most loyal followers of trends. Hidden behind the profile, graphic designer Virginia Rolle enlarges usual-sized handbags to human height in her photos, giving the concept a spice of humor. The woman says that the idea came to her when she saw the big model of the Gucci Marmont handbag in reality. The woman said she couldn't believe how unusually big the handbag was and at first thought it was just an online joke.

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