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The Hit of the Season: Rubber Shoes

A practical fashion trend - from stylish rubber boots to sandals.
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One of the shoes that have received special attention this season are Gucci rubber sandals with a platform sole. The inflatable rubber shoes were first introduced in 2020. The vintage charm of the sandals of the '90s is given by the massive sole and the embossed logo of the fashion house on the front. Gucci introduced black, white and several pastel sandals, the most popular of which was the blue shade of baby blue.

However, the trend of rubber shoes does not end with these sandals. In the autumn season, designers offer to buy stylish rubber boots, from short to almost reaching the knees. An exclusive detail of such rubber is a thick toothed sole, which improves the adhesion of the shoes to the pavement.

Fashionable rubber or rubber-covered sports shoes and various sandals, from slippers to sandals with several straps: rubber footwear is not only a trend-oriented, but also a practical choice. Such boots will not be scary to sweep through, and rubber sandals are extremely easy to maintain, they dry quickly when wet, so if you get under the rain or get into a body of water, you will not have to worry.



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