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The Latest Off-White Bag Is Buzzing

The holed Off-White bag from Spring / Summer 2020 collection has already become an it-bag.
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The latest Off-White bag seen during Paris Fashion Week is already buzzing. The reason? It has a hole and is deliberately non-functional, giving the same vibes as the Jacquemus’ cult-bag Petit Chiquito.

The style of the handbag far exceeds its functional value, the same as the Petit Chiquito that has been sold out since its release. Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White, goes even further. If Simon Porte’s Jacquemus XXS bags can barely contain a pair of Airpods (without their case), Virgil Abloh has created a purse that cannot hold anything at all. After all, fashion is free and doesn’t have to meet any practical requirements. It seems that originality is now an essential aspect of designing when it comes to bags. Inspired by a meteor shower, the Meteor has to be carried with the hand slipped through the hole.

Despite its non-utility, the Meteor bag is sold for about $ 1,665.

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