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The Luxurious Bags of Bulgari

The refined world of jewellery combined with our favourite accessory.
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When choosing Bulgari, luxury, and attention to detail is guaranteed. When picking up a ring or a piece of fine jewellery, you enter the exclusive world of Bulgari, and bags have now become a part of it as well.

The symbol of Bulgari is a snake, and it is an essential part of the design of the new bags. All of the pieces are made out of leather adorned with precious stones that add a modern touch to the bags.

The artisan craftsmanship of the leather designs blends with the refinement of jewellery, finding a perfect balance in the Serpenti Forever Gem Python collection.

Small butterflies rest on playful yet simple bags that aim to attract even the audience of millennials.

In a room hidden from the majority, we find the collection designed by Alexander Wang for Bulgari that was presented during New York Fashion Week. The designer uses the icon of the brand, the head of a snake, as inspiration, simplifying the lines, and reducing its size. The result is extraordinary: cool bags with unusual shapes. In the collection, you can find a shopping bag, minibag with a jewel bracelet and more ladylike but still modern designs. There are three colours available: pastel green, black and white.


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