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The Secrets of Making the Ralph & Russo Dress for Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

On the occasion of the release of Maleficent: The Power of Evil, Ralph & Russo teamed up with Disney to make a unique costume for Angelina Jolie, who embodies the title role. Here we unveil how the dress was made.
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Believe it or not, Disney's animated film Sleeping Beauty is turning 60 this year. And there could be no more timely celebration for this anniversary event than the return of the iconic witch on the big screen in the film Maleficent: The Power of Evil. For this second part, Angelina Jolie takes on her role as a villain, dressed in a couture wardrobe at the height of her role.

Ralph & Russo - Maleficent 2 - Walt Disney

To give life to the character, Disney sought the help of the British luxury house Ralph & Russo, following a personal recommendation by Angelina Jolie. The result is an incredible black dress made, especially for the film, which needed no less than 700 hours of work.

Tamara Ralph, co-creator of the brand, emphasised that the costume "exudes an impression of strength and power ... but that it also retains an element of femininity." To turn the dream into reality, Ralph's & Russo expert artisans created a calico canvas look, which was then refined with a tribal paint effect by the couturiers and embroiderers of the house. A brushstroke technique was used on the transparent bodice, with laser cut stencils being used to apply silicone to the tulle. This was then repainted to create the illusion of a second skin. See the photos below!

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