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The Streets Have Been Conquered With Braided Shoes & Handbags

This year, various weaving and tying techniques have stood out among the trends of accessories, such as small hand-made floral dresses tied with coloured straws and sandals made of leather strips, worn with suit shorts. And this is just the beginning ...
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Accessories are an almighty item of clothing that makes it so fun to play and create unprecedented images. Sometimes it only takes one detail to make a bored look interesting again - old jeans and a white t-shirt come alive with a wide-brimmed hat and massive sunglasses, or a classic silk dress combined with a colourful handbag and massive earrings.


In the summer, the fashion world is obsessed with straws, leather straps, ropes or wicker braids, and tied accessories, from roomy straw beach bags, picnic-style handbags to beautiful, as if crocheted, shoes. Bottega Veneta's wicker leather accessories have become a highlight of recent seasons, and now almost every fashion guru dreams of the fashionable BV Curve sandals, The Chain Pouch handheld or the Jodie hand-tied handbag.


Another Italian house, Fendi, is competing with Bottega Veneta during the hot season. Designer Silvia Venturini Fendi has updated the popular Peekaboo models in the summer, presenting handbags made of coloured leather and jacquard. The weave fever has crept into the Italian fashion sky, because next to these two Italian prides stands another name - the fashion house Prada, which, in the summer collection of 2020, displays pint leather-themed shoes and wicker basket-type handbags, not only made of leather, but also ropes.

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Photo by FENDI fashion house
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For those who want to liven up their everyday looks, it is worth choosing comfortable pint leather sandals with a flat or platform sole. Stylish linen espadrilles with braided soles, which go well with a white shirt-type dress, will be suitable for creating a stylish image of the French Riviera. With wide palazzo-style and maxi-length pants or a silk dress, combine tight-fitting beach sandals, not only in braided leather, but also in straw, and if you want to emphasise the holiday mood, look for sandals decorated with shells. You’ll create an elegant yet contemporary image by wearing minimalist-style clothing, such as a classic shorts suit, and wearing leather braided high heels. This season, sculptural heels of geometric shapes are extremely fashionable, and if you choose high-heeled sandals - definitely square fronts.

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PRADA shoes, Vida Press photo.

A spacious wicker bag will be useful for a weekend trip or vacation at the seaside, some fashion houses offer handmade straw (Prada, Loewe, Bovy, Valentino), some have rafters made of raffia fiber (Saint Laurent, Serapian, Gucci, Altuzarra), others - made from wide leather bands (Bottega Veneta, Prada, Loewe). Boldly combine the latter with everyday clothing; wicker leather handbags or palms will give the image intrigue, look stylish in both summer and autumn!


If you are looking for a smaller leisure handbag, pay attention to the fashionable picnic baskets, which are small solid shaped handbags, wicker, with leather handles. True, you can now find even such backpacks - fashion house Natasha Zinko offers large backpacks reminiscent of wicker boxes with leather covers and braces.

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@bs08111 / Instagram photo

For those who want to dress up this time, we encourage you to draw inspiration from the colourful islanders, where the bright handbags are woven. The Brazilian fashion brand Serpui presents playful braided hand-animals and brightly colored straw palms, decorated with pink knotted flamingos, colorful beach landscapes, decorated with shells and stone handles. Let the summer style be filled with exoticism and warm country moods!


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