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The Trendy Satin Skirts

The skirts that go together with everything.
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It is not the first time that fashion has made underwear into something that can be as daywear, whether when having a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning or going out for the night. Lace-up silk blouses, body-satin dresses, kimono gowns, oriental pajamas-like suits, and glamor satin skirts - all of these can now be seen at parties and on the street. This summer, fashionistas are especially passionate about satin skirts. So how do we wear and style them?

Glamorous satin subtly emphasises the curves of the body, leaving some mystery behind, as the most fashionable length of these skirts, midi, prevents vulgarity. Satin soaring with each step catches the sun's reflections, giving the image vitality and playfulness. This skirt is extremely easy to combine and will look great with classic white shirts, silk blouses, oversized sweaters, or sleek jackets with belt straps.

The most popular skirts this year are the ones that fit close to the hips and extend slightly below the knees. Some fashion houses offer simple cuts and eye-catching colours, while others offer more sophisticated silhouettes ( asymmetrical cuts, fluted fabric, ruffle décor) while retaining a muted tone.

The latter models are especially suitable for those who want to dress up for a special occasion. The most popular bright colors are fuchsia pink, neon shades, ultramarine blue; pastels - pink quartz, cyan, delicate olive violet, lemon sorbet; neutral - creamy, powder, whitish, caramel brown, cherry, black and night sky blue.

There also are plenty of patterned satin skirts such as leopard fur patches, snakeskin pattern, zebra stripes, small flower rings or dots.

If you want to go for a casual look, opt for a bright satin skirt combined with an elegant contrasting jacket, white sweatshirt, colourful sneakers (or the season's most fashionable high-heeled sandals with thin straps) and a tiny sculptured purse.

If the day is cold, wear a large, soft monochrome sweater with a neutral-looking glamor skirt, minimalistic gold jewellery, short-fronted boots, and a snug front.

A versatile combination is a satin skirt with a close-fitting monochrome top, classic high heels and a small rigid leather handbag. An ultra-summer option is a printed skirt, a rolled-up blouse, a woven purse, flat-sandals, and massive colored sunglasses.

The evening's favourite look is a dark colour skirt, a silk blouse or satin with inserts, stylish high-heeled sandals, and a small basket-shaped evening handbag.

There are also a lot of options for matching satin and silk skirts that make you feel confident and feminine.


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