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tom àdam, the Brand Which Will Take Care of Sustainable Underwear

I’m Tom, the founder of tom àdam, a sustainable men’s underwear and swimshort brand based between Berlin & Paris. tom àdam was born in 2015 in Paris with the purpose of creating men’s underwear and swimshorts that allow ethics and aesthetics to co-exist. We’re a family business. It is a friendship between me & my dad.
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Influenced by the Japanese movement "Wasi-sabi", whose world view is centered in the acceptance of roughness evolving into a natural beauty, minimalism also plays an important role in my creation process and immerses tom àdam’s design in a "stripped to its essentials" aesthetics. The silhouettes are therefore cleanly refined. They aim to find balance between natural textures and earthy colors, to make you love whatever you do and let you be yourself wherever you are.

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tom àdam

Our tailoring inspired boxershorts are sewn from premium Italian fabrics, our swimshorts with a statement silhouette are made with recycled plastic found in the ocean, and everything we make is fair trade.

The briefs are made from modal. The production of it requires 20 times less water than cotton, making it the ideal fabric for our underwear collection, as sustainability and ethics are in the core of our brand.

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tom àdam

For the SS20 collection, we proudly introduce hand-knitted uni-sex sweaters from Alpaca sourced in Peru, inspired by a pullover made by my Mom. Timeless piece that you can wear all year round. Supremely soft & cozy.

All of our garments are produced in Latvia in a small factory near my home town. This lets me work closely with the manufacturers and oversee every detail of production in person.

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tom àdam

tom àdam garments are currently stocked in stores in London, New York, Basel, and Amsterdam, Berlin (soon).

If you want to find out more about the brand, you can find us on our website at or on Instagram at

Text by Tom Adam Vitolins, founder of the brand.

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tom àdam

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