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Tools of Memory: Prada Presents the Campaign for Autumn / Winter 2020

Creating memories that can make a better future, and not only in fashion.
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Have you ever stopped to think about what the future will be like after all that we are going through right now? How will our actions today influence us in the future? Are we shaping our memories in the right way? Entitled Memory Tools, Prada presents its Autumn / Winter 2020 collection's advertising campaign on its social media and shows that fashion can also be a great tool for building a better future.

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The COVID-19 pandemic not only affected the fashion system in terms of production, but also raised internal and external questions about the place of fashion in society. The goal of fashion, not only within a crisis, but within the culture as a whole, is to promote change.

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Going far beyond publicity images, the campaign featured the announcement of an online auction in collaboration with Sotheby's, which will donate the proceeds to benefit UNESCO's educational projects, expanding inclusion in education for vulnerable populations across the world.

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The items that will be auctioned were removed from the women and men Prada Autumn / Winter 2020 shows, among them: - fashion items, photos, invitations to shows and some runway decorations.

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The campaign itself shows these items in photos that look like a typical auction catalogue. This will also be seen as a reminder of times when we were unable to come together for events or even have a simple photo shoot.

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The theme of the campaign refers to a future that we build today and that will soon become a memory.

Details of the auction, which will be held in October 2020, will be released little by little over the next few months, building the complete catalogue published online.

Prada Fall / Winter 2020 Women's and Men's Advertising Campaign - Tools Of Memory

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