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Tradition & Modernity! Baccarat Presents A Collection Designed by Virgil Abloh

The American designer gives life to lush crystals.
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In an alliance of heritage and modernity, after months of preparation and, of course, a lot of curiosity, Baccarat presents its Crystal Clear collection, designed by the men's artistic director of Louis Vuitton and his own brand, Off-White, Virgil Abloh.

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Like true works of art, pieces full of elegance bring industrial codes to the famous crystal factory founded 255 years ago. A mixture of tradition and modernity that emphasizes the unique savoir-faire of the house and highlights the meticulous work of the artisans and the unique savoir-faire of the French brand, recognised worldwide for its luxurious crystals.

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Virgil Abloh x Baccarat

The collection, which was inspired by Abloh's own “Figures of Speech” itinerant exhibition - which covers the highlights of his career, including a range of the artist's interests in music, fashion, and design, is comprised of a lighting unit, a central table unit and glasses, all numbered and manufactured only on demand.

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Baccarat w / Virgil Abloh: “Crystal Clear”

“In any creative endeavor, I am interested in collaborating with the best in the category. For me, Baccarat represents the expression of the dynamism of the crystal since its beginning until today. The Crystal Clear collection is an extension of my artistic practice, skillfully carried out by the artisans of Baccarat,” says Abloh.

CRYSTAL CLEAR - Objects for living by Virgil Abloh ™ x Baccarat

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